Thursday, November 1, 2012

Eulogy by Aunt Penny

What a special family you are! You were blessed with a Special Needs child and you gave him the best life he could have ever wanted. Each one of you helped him overcome his disabilities. You were his arms, his legs and his body. You are his biggest fan, his cheer leader and his strongest support system. You gave him a life every boy would envy.

David and Barb are very dedicated parents, to say the least. When David was diagnosed with Epilepsy 28 years ago, there was never a question that he would be given the best care available. Barb sacrificed her career so she could provide the 24/7 care he required and David worked hours of overtime to pay for extensive medical treatments. A couple years ago, David retired from Reynolds and has continued in the 24 hour care of their son.

Little David was very aware of the sacrifices his family made for him and he was greatly appreciative. You see, for Little David, every day was Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. Little David would pick a bouquet of dandy lions and bring them in to his mother. With a smile on his face he would hand her the bouquet of flowers and say, “Happy Mother’s Day Mom”! His dad too was often greeted when he arrived home from work with “Happy Father’s Day, Dad”. David didn't neglect his brother and sister either he colored them lots of pictures.

If you knew David you know that he was pretty proud of his little sister, Tracy and his little brother, Matt. It seemed every time Tracy had a school performance you would hear David somewhere in the audience saying “That’s my sister or There’s Tracy” or the occasional “Can we go now?” David was also known to answer questions being asked on stage, like “does anyone have a question”? He would answer “Yes, I do.” Matt’s acknowledgement may not have been as public, but if you were close by when David stumbled or fell, David was sure to blame it on Matt! Apparently Matt never picked up his toys.

You couldn't visit too long with David before he would tell you that his Uncle Robbie got a new truck! It was pretty obvious that Uncle Robbie was the favorite! Uncle Robbie even got him a security job at KCI airport as a Booter. David proudly wore his booting vest and patiently waited for Robbie to pick him up!
David enjoyed being an Uncle, even though he was slightly disappointed when Noah was born that he wasn't a rabbit. He enjoyed both Asa and Noah visiting and playing cars with him. And all three of them worked on sharing.

David enjoyed bowling, tether ball, picking dandy lions and playing in a T-ball league. He enjoyed watching hummingbirds, turkey and deer in their backyard. David loved pulling a wagon and picking up sticks in the yard. And Little David loved recliners! When he would visit with Grandma and Grandpa Taylor, he would patiently wait for Papa to go get a cup of coffee and then he would head straight for Papa’s chair! He would say, “that’s so funny that I got your chair!”. David had a love for big trucks! I believe he got that from his Grandpa Probst. When he was riding down the highway, he would see how many trucks he could get to honk at him. He would be pulling the air horn for miles trying to get one of them to honk! David would sit for hours on Thursdays waiting for the trash truck to come by their house and honk. David loved the great outdoors. But most of all he enjoyed going to the farm with his dad. When his dad would take him hunting, they were always lucky! Everyone called David a good luck charm for hunting! Little David loved to hunt and fish. He was a great fisherman! On his dad’s birthday, every year, they would go fishing at the Bethany Reservoir. Little David always bragged about the year he out fished his dad! Then he would inform his dad “Aunt Linda is a better fisherman than you!”.

He was so proud when he caught a fish at Aunt Judy and Uncle Kenny’s pond. His Dad will tell you Little David was a true fisherman. When you talked about fishing, he always had to one up you! One time, Matt caught a 6 pound bass and his Dad caught a 7 pound bass. So being a great fisherman, David explained that he had caught an 8 pound crappie!

High School coach Joe Greim honored David with the title of Excelsior Springs Biggest Wrestling Fan. David watched his little brother Matt wrestle for 12 years and his little sister Tracy for 2 years. David touched the hearts of many in the wrestling community.

David participated in the Special Olympics from 1990-1995. In 1994 he had the honor of lighting the torch at the Special Olympics. He proudly won several medals. His strongest event was the softball throw. They encouraged him to throw by telling him to throw it over Grandma Patten’s fence. You see, every time they visited her she would tell him “Do not throw the ball over the fence!” and you know David, the first thing he would do is throw it over the fence!

David knew no strangers. He admired police officers and fireman.
Everyone that spent any time with David knew if David liked you, he called you a Turkey! Thank you, God for giving us 28 years with David.

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